Gentlemen's Corner Ties

Gentlemen's Corner Ties - Elegant Ties For Elegant Men

Using the finest quality silk, produced in Italy, our ties come in a variety of fabrics, from dark to bright colors, from small patterns to stripes. We try to offer special models such as Jacquard silk or luxurious seven fold ties.

Gentlemen's Corner Self-tipped Ties made entirely of silk, are preferred by a gentleman for the simple reason that this process shows luxury. Gentlemen's Corner Jacquard Silk Ties are packed in exquisite black velvet boxes, specially designed to be offered as gifts.

Tailored to standard length: approximately 148 cm (58") and different width: thin – 5cm (2") or normal – 7.5 - 9 cm (2 ¾" – 3 ½"), our ties are chosen with taste for festive occasions or office work.

Tell us what you are looking for and we are sure that we will find one that will match your standards.