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ST Dupont is a symbol of luxury and elegance, offering sophisticated men's accessories: leather goods (belts, wallets, bags), lighters, pens and cufflinks. The collections are constantly renewed, but many products have made history, becoming today a classic. Many creations are very daring for a man who is not afraid to show.

Based on experience of over 135 years, jewelers, craftsmen skillfully make their rare items that are all hand-finished, numbered and produced in France. ST Dupont includes among its products seductive travel and smoking accessories, great writing articles. ST Dupont products have a 2-year international warranty.

In the 1960s, the lighter became a representative figure in the collective memory, becoming even an object of “worship”. The “Dupont” lighter brought the reputation of the mark, placing it in the first place among the great names in French luxury industry.

Gentlemen's Corner is a ST Dupont dealer with a stock of its products. In addition to our stock items that can be delivered immediately, a good part of the S.T. Dupont products can quickly be brought directly from France.

We request an advance payment of 50% of the order value. Delivery time for orders coming from France is approximately 3 weeks.

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