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Habanos is the world leader in marketing Premium cigars with a presence in over 150 countries.

The Gentlemen's Corner portfolio includes the brands Cohiba, Montecristo and Partagas, but we can bring at order any Habanos brand that it is present in the stock of the official distributor.

Cohiba was created in 1966 for President Fidel Castro himself and was made at the then top secret but now world famous El Laguito factory. At first, it was only seen outside Cuba as gifts for heads of state and visiting diplomats.

The name comes from an ancient Indian word for the bunches of tobacco leaves that Columbus first saw being smoked by the original inhabitants of the island.

Cohiba use the best tobacco leaves - ”selection of the selections” - and the cigars are handmade ("totally a mano, wide trip").

Montecristo is the best known and probably the most appreciated brand of Habanos throughout the world. The name comes from the famous hero of Alexandre Dumas’ novel, which was the favourite amongst the Torcedores (Cigar Makers) at the factory in Havana where it was founded in 1935.

Montecristo range includes a large variety of sizes, from the imposing Montecristo A to the little Joyita. Montecristo’s perfectly balanced blend is created exclusively with selected leaves. Its distinctive medium to full flavour and distinguished aroma appeal equally to both new and experienced smokers.




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All the cigars are handmade ("totally a mano, wide trip").

Partagas is a brand with a long history; the factory was opened by Don Jaime Partagas in 1845. Partagas factory is one of the most famous of Havana, which cand be found right in the heart of the city. A Partagas is immediately recognized by its deep, earthy flavour. It comes in a large range of shapes and sizes. All sizes are "totalmente a mano, tripa larga" -totally hand made, long filler, except two, which are "mecanizado" or made by machines.